Objective: In Barcelona, the club UNDER (Tarragona Street, 141) wanted to change their style, so they asked us to give them a new name and look.

Action: Concept + Naming + Graphic Image.

In this new stage, the club has different offers like LGBTI parties, electronic music sessions and Latin music among others. That’s why the name had to be intriguing but broad enough to work with the different style sessions.



After proposing multiple options, SAFARI Disco Club was the favourite choice unanimously. It is a name that transmits adventure, colour, fun, the observer and the observee, and so on. Not forgetting the one we liked most: mixture of species. All these elements take place in the unexpected nights lived in the Club.

Aesthetically we looked for a line that would also transmit these characteristics. We chose a “wild” typography combined with a leaf that softens and gives it a fresh touch.

As for colours, we proposed a basic version that combined fuchsia and dark colours to evoke feelings of nighttime. We also made other versions with different backgrounds and several adaptations in warmer colours to have different resources available.